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Available Delivery Methods for Rest of the World

PFG Smart Credit provides fast, secure and easy money transfers to just about any country* in the world with convenient delivery options for everyone.

Account deposits in local currencies

You can have the money deposited directly into the recipient’s bank account (designated in the same currency as the currency of remittance) located in any of the countries listed below.

Bulgarian Lev (BGN)
Chinese Yuan Renminbi (CNY)
Czech Republic
Czech Koruna(CZK)
Danish Krone(DKK)
United Arab Emirates
Emirati Dirham (AED)
Hong Kong
Hong Kong Dollar (HKD)
Hungarian Forint(HUF)
Israeli Shekel (ILS)
Japanese Yen(JPY)
Mexican Peso (MXN)
New Zealand
New Zealand Dollar (NZD)
Norwegian Krone(NOK)
Polish Zloty (PLN)
Qatari Rial (QAR)
Romanian New Leu (RON)
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Riyal(SAR)
Singapore Dollar(SGD)
South Africa
South African Rand (ZAR)
Swedish Krona(SEK)
Swiss Franc(CHF)
Thai Baht(THB)
Turkish Lira(TRY)

Account Deposits in USD, EUR and GBP

You can also have the money transferred directly into the recipient’s bank account (designated in the same currency as the currency of remittance) located almost anywhere in the world.


SWIFT stands for Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication and BIC stands for Bank Identifier Code. Together they refer to the 8 to 11 character code that identifies particular banks. For Account Deposits, you will need the 11-character SWIFT code of the beneficiary bank-branch and full address including branch code (if any) of the bank

What You Need To Know...

Delivery time

Priority Payments (SWIFT)

  • 1-2 business days, after receipt of AUD funds into our bank account, for North America and Europe
  • 3-5 business days, after receipt of AUD funds into our bank account, for Middle East and Asia Pacific countries.
  • Service available from Monday to Friday


  • Available through all agent outlets
  • Payments to certain Middle East countries could take longer time due to different weekend conventions.
Amount Limit
  • Minimum Send Amount : AUD 100(per transfer)
  • Maximum Account Deposit : No Limit
Receive Amount


  • Recipient/Intermediary banks may deduct their charges for SWIFT payments.


  • It is worth checking with the recipient bank to find out if they will charge to receive SWIFT wire transfers.
Receiver’s details required

Account Deposit

  • Recipient’s full name and address.
  • Recipient’s Bank account details including Account Number or IBAN.
  • Recipient Bank’s full address including the SWIFT/BIC and Branch Code (if any)


  • SWIFT/BIC format : 8 or 11 characters (letters and numbers)
  • Eg : ANZ Australia's SWIFT/BIC is: ANZBAU3MXXX.
  • This can also be written as: ANZBAU3M
  • Free of charge if done prior to release of payments by us
  • Amendments are NOT possible after release of payments.
  • AUD 25 fee for all cancellations


  • Foreign exchange loss on conversion and deductions/charges of banks/payment partners etc. will be recovered from the customer.
Business Transfers
  • Business transfers are not available online at the moment. Please check back later. However, you can do a business transfer from one of our Agent locations.
  • Click here to find your nearest Agent location.


  • Business Transfers can be done in USD, EUR or GBP.

*Our payment services are not available to certain countries including those subject to 'UN sanctions'. Please check with us for making remittances to countries not listed on our website.

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